The Price of Immortality

The Adventure Begins...

The Crypt of the Everflame...


The town of Kassen is home to the legend of the Everflame, the story of how the town’s founder defended it nearly 200 years ago from vicious bandits, dying shortly after of his wounds. His legend is one of nothing less than bravery and courage, and the citizens have held a festival every year since in honor of his sacrifice.

On this day, the 4th of Neth, the town starts to feel the cold chill of winter grasp at it’s threshold. After several quiet years in the town of Kassen, The town’s mayor has decided to allow a few new, young heroes the privilege of bringing back the light of the Everflame from Kassen’s tomb this year. These heroes have been told of their selection a few days prior, being informed to pack light and only bring that which will be necessary; weapons, scrolls, and armor, as everything else needed will be provided. They are asked to gather in the town square before noon, as the festival will be starting soon.



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