Etal Kassen

The long dead hero of Kassen


Long ago, he founded the town of Kassen’s Hold, what today is known simply as Kassen. After a few years of building up the town using the wealth he had amassed from his adventures abroad, he set off to fight against a bandit that began attacking the town. The bandit revealed itself to be one of his old adventuring friends who thought himself cheated at the end of their travels, now crazed with jealousy and bent on taking from Etal what he believed to be rightfully his. Etal went to him, finding the camp he and his men had set up in an ancient crypt. After a few days of battle, Etal managed to kill his old friend, but not before suffering a mortal wound and dying a few days later. His memory is honored even today, over 200 years later, by the townfolk of Kassen.


Etal Kassen

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